Exhibitors Profile

  1. Producers and Craftsmen
  2. Collector
  3. Handicraft producer association
  4. Craftsmen Management Agencies
  5. Related Ministries
  6. Provincial Administration
  7. Municipal Administration
  8. District Administration
  9. Provincial Offices of Ministries
  10. National and Provincial Handicraft Boards
  11. Banks
  12. as well as other supporting companies
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  • prod_disp
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  • prod_disp3
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Product Display

  1. Souvenir
  2. Gift Item
  3. Interior Product
  4. Housewares
  5. Decorative Item
  6. Jewellery
  7. Fashion & Accessories


Purpose & Objectives

To accommodate the candidates who have not had the opportunity to participate and participants of the exhibitor Inacraft who want a second Inacraft similar exhibition to showcase their works. In addition to the exhibition is intended that the SMEs are still able to learn new exhibition area as well as to expand its product marketing. And also this exhibition cover a craft exhibition in 2017 for the SMEs.